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Diploma thesis "Using DICOM SR in Pathology"

Author: cand. inf. Winfried Schöch, matr. no. 549325

Assigned by: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. med. habil. Siegfried J. Pöppl
Supervisor: PD Dr. rer. nat. Josef Ingenerf

Download Thesis (German, ~10MB)

Slides: "DICOM Structured Reporting in der Pathologie - Vortrag auf der 53. GMDS-Jahrestagung, 16.9.2008" (German, ~2MB)

This website contains some tools and data associated with the diploma thesis stated in the page title. All source code available on this website is licensed under LGPL.

Unless otherwise stated all work has been done by Winfried Schöch.


List of DICOM Toolkits (sorted by programming language)

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Machine readable version of Context Groups in DICOM PS 3.16 (DICOM Content Mapping Resource, DCMR) annex B

The following file includes a machine readable version of all Context Groups listed in the tables of DICOM PS 3.16 annex B. This table data has been extracted by Marco Wegner, University of Lübeck.

Additionally to the (partially corrected) table data, the author also included the XML fragments created by the tools below in this file to add by-reference concepts for

The following file lacks concepts from


List of all DCM concepts, DCMMetrics

This quick hack creates a list of all code values in DICOM PS 3.16 (DCMR) annex B (Context Groups) that belong to coding scheme 'DCM' plus their corresponding code meaning. The list is useful for DCMR translation purposes.

The list with 1305 distinct code values is ordered alphabetically by code value. Code value and code meaning are TAB seperated.

An XML input file describing the tables in annex is expected (see below). This 'raw tables' file was created by Marco Wegner as a practical work at the Institut für Medizinische Informatik (IMI), University of Lübeck.